Factory Audit

Through the WAL-MART, WCA and other factory inspection

The company and a number of well-known international stores, such as WAL-MART, Sears, CVS, etc.. In the social responsibility (human rights), anti-terrorism, quality and other aspects of the establishment of a management system in line with international requirements. Since the beginning of 2011, the company started the factory audit, the company leadership attaches great importance to the establishment of the factory inspection team, and several times to appoint a factory Commissioner to Shanghai and other places to participate in training. And according to the experience of the factory in accordance with the knowledge of the training school to the company's actual situation on the company in human rights, fire, anti-terrorism, quality improvement, in line with international standards. In 2016 the company passed the WAL-MART, WCA, Sears and other social responsibility of the third party audit, CVS social responsibility, anti terrorist third party audit.